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Yuyao xinxinda metal factory
ADD:No.165 zhangyi Road,Yuyao Ningbo,Zhejiang
     xinxinda hardware factory was established in 1997, is a professional production, research and development of various cars, motorcycles parts and accessories business. Business in a professional, focus on the spirit of reputation in the industry, some of its products are exported to Europe and the United States, Taiwan and other countries and regions, to be agreed with the majority of customers with praise.
     Factory and more than 180 employees, the factory also has advanced machining equipment and inspection equipment, in order to improve the accuracy of continuous use 32 high-precision CNC lathe, so that product quality and production efficiency greatly enhanced. 

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ADD: No.165 zhangyi Road,Yuyao Ningbo,Zhejiang. TEL:0574-62971041 FAX:0574-62971043 浙ICP备07003724号